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Standard Clover

Weight: 40 gr.
CoreSize:  560/580
Pattern: Clover
Colors: Black, Dark Blue

A smooth wrap grip with a clover pattern provides great surface contact, feel and control with a feminine touch.



Tour Pro

Weight: 41 gr.
CoreSize:  560/580
Pattern: Perforated
Colors: Black, Dark Blue

For the lady that wants performance without sacrificing style. The Tour Pro offers outstanding quality, design and performance.



Standard Small Cap

Weight: 44 gr.
CoreSize:  560/580
Pattern: Knurled
Colors: Black

This version of The Standard is a favorite among the ladies. The distinctive Tacki-mac knurled pattern provides a tacki grip and great durability.


Arthritic 3/32" Oversize

Weight: 72 gr.
CoreSize:  560/580
Pattern: Serrated
Colors: Black, Dark Blue

For ladies that want the same great feel of the 3/32" oversized grip that made Tacki-mac famous.



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