7 golf course maintenance tips owners should swear by for spring reopening

With warmer days approaching and making people go all out and stretch, local golf courses are gearing up to attract and entertain patrons by following the right golf course maintenance tips. 

While golfers might be unaware of the year-round strategy and work that goes behind keeping the golf courses playable for them, golf owners are leaving no stone unturned for the players. They are all set to welcome them on the perfect green course in the perfect possible condition.

While many golf course owners might turn to modern expert hands for the services and maintenance, many local golf course owners resort to traditional means of keeping the health of the grass. If you are also a golf course owner and wish to know some essential golf course maintenance tips for a drool-worthy and entertaining game, you have landed at the right place.

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  • Maintain a checklist/to-do list

You cannot start with anything unless you know from where to start and how to start. That’s what checklists or to-do lists help with. They not only keep track of what needs to be done and how, but also when something needs to be done! They’re a great way of keeping future courses of action jotted down in one place.

It will be really beneficial on your part also to have clear timelines, to keep the entire set of teams in sync, and also to gear up properly for the spring season.

  • Inventory check and general upkeep needs

It’s not just the course that needs to be maintained, but also other aspects of the game that need to be managed. Some of the mowers might need to be overhauled, blades sharpened, clubhouse inventory packed with the right and cleaned pieces of equipment, and other general servicing.

Tee markers and flag sticks go through the winters a lot. Besides the usual golf course supplies like balls, nets, cups, etc., other supplies like ball washers, trash cans, bag wracks, etc. also need to be reordered for the new spring and following summer season. A whole process of cleaning, painting, and renovation needs to be undertaken wherever needed.

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  • Clean the course up

Cleaning the course is one of the basic and most common golf course maintenance tips. Winters often damage the ground. But the early you start checking for and working on the damage, the better it becomes to not land up with the last-minute rush. 

Make sure that the branches aren’t hanging too low to come in contact with a golfer or a golf cart. But they should still come into play for the layout and identity of your course. Get started with the removal of winter debris and broken tree limbs, for which you might need to resort to tree removal specialists in some special cases.

  • Keep the grass healthy and safe

Determining the condition of the turf leads to the kind of treatment to be undertaken. Winters can be pretty harsh on turf leading to mold and other diseases that can damage the playing area and affect the safety of golfers throughout the season. Fertilizers, fungicides, and other chemicals might be needed to bring back the turf alive. It also ensures healthy grass.

Keeping the grass aerated helps roots breathe and absorb nutrients during summertime when the soil under the surface gets too compacted during the winter season.

Note: It has been seen that a single application of fungicide during the early spring can reduce the need for multiple applications throughout summer. Too many chemicals will affect the health of the grass. Because the growth of pests and weeds is minimal during early spring, fertilizers can be applied once as the temperature and moisture are favorable in the turf's growth.

  • Don’t overlook the bunkers

This is yet again one of the most overlooked golf course maintenance tips by owners. It is not just the grass that requires attention, but bunkers too. Remove the old sand. Then replace it with some new sand. Renovate your old fairway bunkers. Remove tree debris and leaves from the bunkers to not contaminate the clean bunker sand.

  • Don’t let the patrons be bored of your course

Make an extra effort in changing the perspective of at least one hole every year and making it a dogleg right, instead of a straight one. This helps in keeping things a bit different for your customers and challenging them at the same time. But frequent changing of holes also helps to avoid regular concentration of all the players’ foot traffic to the same spot. This makes use of outer regions of the green grass a lot possible.

  • Get started with seasonal positions’ hiring as early as possible

Golf isn’t a year-round game. So the hiring also for the same is seasonal. While many of your previous year's employees might return to you this year, having a backup is always advantageous to attract more golfers. Hire more teaching professionals, drink-cart girls, and bag boys to gear up for the sports season!

And the guide comes to an end!

The entire idea is that the plan you adopt and the program you take up solely depends on the damage incurred due to the winter season and what all exactly needs to be done. Take an after-winter picture of the golf course and assess the amount of work that needs to be done. Also, get your dose of golf-specific supplies from tacki-mac grips to be well-prepared in advance!