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Comes with matching grip.
Comes with matching grip.

Pink Urethane Fiberglass Putter

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Our Urethane head putter is designed to reduce damage to your carpet, concrete and obstacles. This tough space age material has been specially formulated to out-wear other non-metal club, but yet is softer than a metal club. It comes with a stylish designed head with a zinc core for strength, a pro style bull's-eye, true putter weight not feather weight, and sight line for customer appeal. 

All Fiberglass putters are custom built to order so please give us 1-3 days to build.



We suggest the following size when ordering putters for your whole family.

37" & 40" - Tall/X-Tall (people 6' or taller)

35" - Men's

32" - Women's

29" - Junior (ages 7-12)

27" - Junior (ages 5-7)

(Age sizes are only an estimate)

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