Oversized Golf Grips: 5 Pluses to Plus-Sized Club Handles

5 Advantages of Using Oversized Golf Grips

Is bigger better? The answer will vary. Short stories can be just as compelling and satisfying to read as a door-stopping tome. Light snacks may hit the spot better than elaborate meals. Small pens are easier to transport, but giant novelty pens are infinitely more fun. Put simply, bigger is better depending on your mood and your needs. For a more relevant example, jumbo golf grips may seem unlikely choices for one's collection of clubs. However, there are plenty of advantages to using these "oversized" golf grips. We describe a few key potential pluses to plus-sizing your grips here.

A More Appropriate Size

Many items are available in different sizes for a reason. The fanciest footwear is useless to you if your feet would be too loose or too tight while sporting it. Small houses are too cramped for big families, and large estates would be too much for a lone resident. You must find the size that fits your needs. Golf grips also come in different sizes because so do people's hands. What may be ideal for one person's palms may be too small for another to comfortably hold. That is where jumbo models come in handy. They are designed as a better fit for larger mitts.

If you want to know which size is right for you, give a few different clubs some practice swings. Find which one feels the most comfortable. We do not simply mean in texture, but also terms of control. You may just find that "oversized" golf grips are the perfect size for you.

Less Pressure &More Control

We can explain that bit about control a little further. Finding the right golf grip size for you is so important because it affects your performance on the course. If your club's handle is too small, you may feel that you have less control. You will likely try to compensate by clutching it harder. This is easier to do with smaller clubs. Ironically, that added pressure can make controlling your swing even tougher. Worse still, the effort may make your hand sore along the way. On the other hand, an oversized golf grip requires less pressure to hold steady. The weight it adds gives the club some more heft, taking some of the burden of the hands. Moreover, the extra volume makes it harder to add pressure. As a result, jumbo-sized grips make your instrument easier to wield. Even if your hands are not large, using one of these can still prove helpful in lowering your score and one-upping competitors.

Decreased Wrist Action

The club is not the only thing that must be controlled as well as possible. As with all athletes, golfers know that control over the body is key to a great performance. With this sport, in particular, much of the swing's power and accuracy lies in the wrist. The slightest twitch can make or break a shot. When even one botched putt can spell defeat, minimizing "wrist action" is crucial. The task can be easier said than done, though. Some people cannot help flicking or twisting their wrists to control the ball's direction and speed. For these players, it is instinctive.

In these situations, the equipment they use can help. Larger golf grips make the club harder to move around mid-swing. What may sound to some like a drawback can be a boon. They can render wrist action a total non-factor, leaving one less obstacle between your golf ball and the hole.

Enhanced Shock Reduction

You slowly lift the club off the ground. As you calculate and prepare your shot, you keep yourself practically motionless. Then, in an instant, you unleash a powerful swing, jerking your arms and back and body at great speeds. The forces from that massive movement, combined with the contact between club and ball, may be so strong that they produce shockwaves. These reverberations travel from the clubhead up to the handle. From there, they reach your fingertips and work their way down your arm. A single case of the wobbles may be trivial, even humorous to the inexperienced. Over time, though, such forces can present a health risk. Shocks can wear on nerves and muscles and even bones, causing damage to hands, wrists, and forearms.

Golf grips can absorb some of the reverberations. Jumbo golf grips, with more volume of absorbent material, are even better. Using them can save you some health trouble further down the line without sacrificing the power of your swing.

Arthritis & Hand Pain Relief

Speaking of health, oversized golf grips can be good for hand health in general. As we said before, smaller grips demand greater pressure. That exertion can be a lot for people with certain conditions, including arthritis. If your hand is already prone to pain when it is not holding anything, small grip sizes are not recommended. Jumbo sizes are much better in this sense. The player's fingers do not have to bend nearly as many thanks to the greater volume. As a result, less pressure is required to take a forceful swing. Moreover, the soft material of the grips can provide more of a cushion to your palms and digits.

Many older players outfit their clubs with oversized golf grips for these very reasons. The experience is much easier on the hands. Without this option, they might not even be able to continue playing the sport. Before you consider giving up on golf for the sake of your hands' health, try a larger grip size and see how it feels.

Oversized Golf Grips at Tackimac

There is not such a thing as an oversized golf grip. Every size is right for somebody. The biggest sizes may be the best ones for your needs.

If all the advantages we listed above sound great to you, then Tackimac can help. Our online store features a sizable selection of high-quality oversized golf grips . Check them out for yourself and see what they can do for your golfing experience.