Create the Ultimate Backyard Miniature Golf Course!

If you're one of the many millions of Americans who like to hit the golf course (or miniature golf course) regularly, you're likely experiencing a lot of health benefits that you weren't even aware of. Studies show that not only does it reduce stress and boost your mental health, but that it can also preemptively fight against heart disease, Alzheimer's, and other physical ailments.

Clearly, golf is an activity that you should be partaking in regularly as well as starting your kids with young. Because of this, building a miniature golf course in your backyard is an amazing idea that you won't regret implementing.

But how do you do this? Turns out that it's pretty easy! Read on to learn how to build a mini golf course in your backyard so that you can have some health-boosting quality family time with your children.

Think of Creative Obstacles

Before getting to work, you'll need to think of what obstacles you'll want to include as part of your miniature golf course. After all, the game is no fun if all your obstacles are easy (or, worse, nonexistent.) You're going to need to think of things that will challenge the people playing, whether that's yourself, your friends, or your children.

Classic obstacles are easy to build, fun, and challenging. Ramps are a simple way to add an extra dose of fun to your mini golf course- all you need to do is lean a piece of plywood against a cinder block between the place where the putter stands and the hole. Jumps are also fun and easy to make by bending and working with that same plywood.

You can also add loop-de-loops into your mini golf course by sawing up wood and creating these obstacle courses!

If you want to get a little more creative, talk to your kids about what they think may be fun obstacles. Try to incorporate things that they like or that you enjoy as a family. For example, if your kids are big Pokemon fans, set up a large Pikachu figurine blocking their path when they hit the ball. If they like Harry Potter, try making a wooden lane in the shape of Harry's scar.

There are so many possibilities!

Get the Right Materials

Now that you have an idea of what you want to do for your home mini golf course, it's time to actually begin building. Read on to learn the tools that you'll need to get your mini golf course up and running as well as how you can use them to build materials as effectively as possible.

  • Saw, Wood, and Miter Box

You're going to need to get sturdy plywood for building platforms that the holes go in. This can be cut easily using a handsaw.

You can use a kid-friendly miter box with your children to saw out the wood. This will teach them how to use tools (under your careful supervision, of course.) It will also teach them the importance of working with each other or with you. Plus, woodworking is fun for the whole family!

  • Tools for Making Holes

To cut the holes out of these newly-made platforms, you're going to need a few more tools. A drill or driver fitted with a four-inch saw should do the trick here. What you'll need to do is to poke the bit through the wood and push through. Once the hole-shaped indent is cut out, you can flip the piece of wood and push the hole out from the other side.

Your children can assist you with this part of the building process, too! Holding a drill is easy and is sure to make them feel as though they've accomplished something. Just make sure that your children are fitted with protective goggles throughout the process- you don't want sawdust getting in their eyes!

  • Adhesive and Felt

Now that you have your platform with a hole in it, you're going to want to fit it with green felt. This not only will give it a grassy appearance, but it will make sure that the ball runs smoothly after being put and isn't thrown off course by the wood's grain. It also serves to prevent splinters, which is especially necessary for places that children are playing.

  • Golf Balls and Putters

Once you're done creating your golf course and incorporating the obstacles that you've decided on, it's time to get the accessories that you need to play golf. Putters are a necessity, as are golf balls. This may sound simple, but you have a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want cut proof or floater golf balls, you'll have a variety of options. Solid color balls or novelty ones, we've got you covered at an affordable price!

Create Storage Space

Finally, you're going to need to create storage space to put your miniature golf supplies away once you finish playing. This means a box for the balls as well as a stand to keep the putters safe and out of the way.

You'll also want to put obstacles and platforms in the garage or shed after you're done playing. This ensures that they won't be damaged in different weather conditions. Simply put them away near the putters and you'll have an easy time unpacking them next time you want to play!

Have Fun on Your Miniature Golf Course

While there are a lot of amazing things that you can do with your yard, building a mini golf course is one of the best. It keeps you healthy and gives you a fun way to spend time with family and friends from the comfort of your home.

Now that you know how to build a miniature golf course in your yard, it's time to get started! Click here to contact us if you have any more questions on how this project should work. Otherwise, visit our online shop to purchase the golf balls, putters, and accessories that will make your outdoor fun possible!