Etiquette on Placing your Golf Clubs and Bag

An Etiquette Guide to the Placement of Golf Clubs & Bags

Golf is a game with many rules. We know what you are thinking: so is every other sport. What we mean is that a culture surrounds it, and this culture has developed all kinds of customs. If you are ignorant of the proper etiquette, you may find yourself with few friends — or even in trouble, if your local course is strict.

The placement of golf clubs and bags is an example of a seemingly simple aspect of golf with many standards governing it. Before the next time you hit the course, brush up on your manners with this expert guide. It could save you some hassle.

Storing Gear in Golf Carts

The primary purpose of the golf cart is transportation. Golf courses can be vast expanses, and walking all 18 holes can be a lot. These vehicles get people off their feet for a while, which may be especially welcome for the elderly and people with mobility needs. They even provide shade on sunny days.

On top of all that, they offer the simplest solution for where players can keep their golf bags while they play. Once you and your competitors step off the cart, grab whichever iron you plan to use. Then, keep the bag where you were seated. It can be that easy.

The one catch comes when you whack your ball and follow it down the fairway. That may take you away from the cart, and therefore your bag. Before you even start, you may want to carry any clubs you anticipate using further down the line. All the more reason why knowing the etiquette for the placement of golf clubs and bags is important.

Carrying Everything the Whole Time

One answer to the question of where to place one's bags is rather clever: just do not place them anywhere. After all, most golf bags come with straps that can go around a person's shoulder. Why not just carry your equipment the whole time? It can even be more convenient to just grab your club of choice by reaching over your back instead of walking anywhere.

This solution is viable and permissible. However, you may want to consider the sheer weight you would have to haul. The standard set of 14 irons alone can add dozens of pounds. Throw in all your other gear — tee markers, spare grips, water bottles — and you are looking at a heavy bag.

If you insist on this method, we urge you to first empty your bag and evaluate what needs to be in there. As we have written before, plenty of golf bag accessories may be more of a burden than a necessity. Get rid of the useless stuff, then see how it feels to hold.

Keeping Out of the Way

Even if you elect to carry all that weight for potentially hours, you could still benefit from a break every so often. At last, it is time to advise on what places are suitable for the placement of golf clubs and bags. The answer is most of them.

Golf courses are huge, and not all of the space needs to be available all of the time. With that said, you should still consider how the space is being used. Keeping your gear outside of the fairway is a good rule of thumb or at least a decent start to finding an appropriate spot.

As you search for that spot, be aware of the area around you. If the course you are on is next to another one, do not leave your bag in that fairway. Even if no one is there at the moment, they may arrive before you depart. Keeping the bag in a neutral zone where no one will ever play is just good sense and better manners.

Staying Off the Green

The area at the end of the course with the hole and flag pole is called green. The terrain in this zone is typically different than in other parts. While other areas need sturdier ground that can take abuse from big swings, this stretch is for putting. The soil is consequently softer, which means mistakes can easily result in scratches along the ground known as ball marks.

We mention all this because even something such as setting down your bag can disturb the green. All that weight can leave a depression in its spot. Players generally frown upon this action because even the slightest imperfections in this area can affect their ability to sink the ball.

No one wants to be accused of ruining the most pivotal part of any golf game. Consider this: the green is the end of the course. There is a big area surrounding it where you can easily place your equipment. Just do that and you will have no problems.

Lowering the Bag Quietly

Heavy bags can feel satisfying to shrug off or toss aside. There is just something about getting all that weight off your shoulders in a swift and forceful motion that hits right. You may be tempted to do this quite a few times throughout the day. Even if you plan to plop it down in an appropriate place, though, you should exercise restraint.

You will likely not be the only one within earshot of the racket that comes with dropping a bag full of clanging irons. Golf is famously a game that demands silence from everyone as the player prepares to whack the ball. If you make all that noise, your fellow athletes will not find it as satisfying as you do.

This piece of etiquette is as simple as abiding by the golden rule. If you mess up your swing because someone else's bag crashes to the ground, would you not feel at least a pang of irritation? Be gentle as you lower your bag to the ground, and be thankful that others abide by that rule as well.

Owning High-Quality Golf Grips and Supplies

The standards for the placement of golf clubs and bags are not always arbitrary. They can help to preserve everyone's enjoyment. Another way to enhance your experience is with high-quality equipment. When you need top-notch golf grips and other gear, browse the sterling selection at Mackinac.