What makes glow in the dark mini golf so much fun!

Are you fed up of staying inside? Are you planning to do something amazing and thrilling? Then glow in the dark mini golf is for you.

Golf is a great outdoor game that has become an obsession for golfers over a period of time. Many people don’t prefer outdoor games due to weather & other reasons. This is why Glow in the dark mini-golf course has gained a lot of attention as an indoor game.

In this article, we’ll tell you why glow in the dark mini golf originated and why it is so popular.

How glow in the dark mini golf originated?

First of all, we need to know how and why the first mini-golf was built. The history of the origin of the first mini-golf course is quite interesting:

  • The first mini-golf course was created in 1827 in Scotland for women golfers. Unlike today, ladies were not allowed to play golf in Scotland. Golf was meant to be a manly game that must not be played by women.
  • The Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews built the first mini-golf in Scotland for ladies. The first mini-golf course was very plain as they simply put greens and made 18 holes. There were no obstacles placed on the course.
  • They became popular in other countries with time and were known with other names including golfstacle, putt-putt, garden golf, clock golf, and par 3 golf.

Are you wondering why Glow in the dark golf became popular? Well, it was a result of the change that people wanted in conventional mini golf. As the popularity of mini golf increased in the mid-1950s, people started to modify mini golf by increasing obstacles and using technology.

How does glow in the dark mini golf become popular?

In the early 1900s, playing golf in a big ground with proper equipment was expensive for many. Mini golf was a lot cheaper and can be played by a person of any age. The designs and obstacles of these courses marked the attention of many golf lovers. This is when Mini golf came into trend and became known worldwide.

Glow in the dark mini golf is an advanced version of traditional mini golfs. These golf courses are completely enclosed and dark. Now you'd think what so great about playing in a dark room? But the real fun begins as you enter there:

  • The equipment and obstacles glow, the artwork of these amazing lights will leave you enchanted. When you enter these "black-lit" courses, you ultimately reach in the world full of imagination, fun, and activity.
  • What makes it even more amazing are its 3d effects. The walls and floors are painted by a professional artist with specialized colors and paints. You'll be provided with 3d glasses which will trick your mind, giving you a completely out of the world experience.

4 Ways Glow in the dark mini golf is better than outdoor golf

  1. Can be played anytime

Suppose, you are having an urge of playing golf but the weather isn’t allowing you to do so, what’d you do? You would surely think of canceling the plan. What if we tell you, you can fulfill your desire of playing golf with glow in the dark mini-golf?

This mini golf is completely indoor as it is enclosed in a room, hence weather won’t be able to stop the gamer in you.

  1. They are for everyone

Playing outdoor golf is found difficult for kids. Kids must have to be taught basic rules, discipline, and how to handle the equipment. Moreover, parents or some adults must be around the kids while they are playing.

In case of glow in the dark mini golf, parents don't have to worry much about the safety of kids. The ambiance and glow will make them ecstatic. The equipment are user-friendly and light in weight.

  1. They are affordable

Golf is also known as a “rich man’s sport” worldwide. The price of good quality equipment and the cost of one round is usually not affordable for an average salary person. A pair of gloves, tees and a golf ball are must need equipment. A pair of gloves can cost up to 20$, tees up to 25$ and ball up to 2$.

Golf gloves must be replaced with new after 11-12 rounds. The cost of one round can cost up to 36$. Game of golf requires high-level precision which can be achieved by owning good quality accessories.

The price of one round of glow in the dark mini golf is 5-7$. You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money on equipment.

  1. Design

Glow in the dark mini golf is known for its design and glowing environment. Glowing obstacles and equipment are a major attraction and 18 holes are placed in a way that makes it challenging for the user.

The competitive environment provided by these courses is one of the factors which make the experience memorable. You can start friendly challenges with other players. It is a family-friendly destination, where a family can affordably enjoy their weekends. One can throw a birthday party, a reunion, or even a farewell party at this place.

What clothes to wear in the glow in the dark mini-golf?

Everything related to these golf courses is amazing. Even what clothes you wear will make the experience fun. You might be thinking that how colors of clothes will make any impact?

So let us tell you that the wall and floor of these courses are usually decorated with neon paints. The clothes you wear will glow according to their color and patterns. The chances clothes will glow will increase with the brightness of the neon color.

Leather and dark-colored clothes must be avoided as they don’t pick up the black light. The best colors to wear are fluorescent green, pink, orange, and yellow.

Parting Notes

Overall, this mini-golf could be considered a good investment for fun and play. If you wish to buy glow in the dark mini golf you can visit our website. We also provide other durable and high-quality sports equipment, so do check out our website. We’d be happy to serve you.