The difference between grip and non-grip hockey stick

Hockey enthusiasts are quite possessive about their weapon of power - their hockey sticks! There is a huge range of hockey sticks available in the market, different materials, shapes, sizes, etc. An important decision while buying your new hockey stick or upgrading the existing one is whether or not to grip it.

Yes, grip and non-grip hockey sticks are different in many aspects, purposes, and uses. They can largely determine your gameplay and movements on the field. Sometimes even when players decide to go for a grip hockey stick, they are clueless on how to grip a hockey stick.

Given the wide differences between your game that can be directed to you using or not using a grip on your hockey stick, it is a must to know what they are exactly. 

To understand the differences between the grip and the non-grip hockey sticks, it is important to grasp why exactly do some experts advise using a grip:

  • The Grip in your hockey stick will help to maintain a better hold on your hockey stick.
  • When you move a puck, the movement often requires you to change your hand positioning. This gets easier with a grip on the hockey stick. 
  • Imagine not having a grip on your hockey stick - there is always the risk of losing your strong grip while shooting! 
  • Ever wondered? Your non-grip hockey sticks are characterized as having a slickness. They are not tacky like a hockey stick that is gripped. 
  • In case you do not have a grip on your hockey stick, during the shot when the bottom hand slips, you can lose power. This will impact your ability to “load” the stick for the shot.
  • Adding a grip to your hockey stick will save the great velocity that can be otherwise lost while using a non-grip stick.

Now, considering the basic functionality of grips as stopping the hand from slipping unnecessarily, there is an important thing to note. Some players find their grips too tightening, or they feel their hand is not moving at all with the grip on. While others find the grip too important to keep their greasy, sweaty hands from slipping. The ultimate decision on how to grip your hockey stick must keep note of the different varieties of grips available.

These grips are also available in two different types, i.e., tacky and textured grips.

Very briefly, these are what they are composed of:

  1. Tacky grips are equipped with a sticky coating which is particularly useful in providing the user with a sturdy grip. Further, there can be varying levels of tackiness in these grips available with different vendors in the market. 
  2. Textured grips are used with both the grip and non-grip hockey sticks. They further have varieties such as the pro ribbed wrap and the wrapped texture.

In addition to these, there are other products available such as the Attack Pads and Command Grips by Tacki-Mac Hockey which offer a player-friendly experience. How this works is that the stick and puck control get significantly enhanced by using such quality products. It improves the player’s play level and gives him/her a winning edge. 

For instance, Taci-Mac’s hockey stick command grips improve the game shots by leaps by bound as they do not crack or dry out, give a grip that cannot be matched by the traditional tape, and are available in a variety of styles (and colors). They also come with ‘how to grip a hockey stick’ instructions on every pack.

When you decide to go forward with a grip to a non-grip hockey stick (whatever you may choose), be sure you know how to grip a hockey stick with quality products.

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