Hosting a friendly golf tournament can be a big responsibility! Here’s what you can do to make it fun

Hosting fun and friendly golf tournaments is the latest trend among golf enthusiasts. Spending some great friends time with a nerve-wracking golf competition can give you the much-required thrills in such stressful times.

Socializing with your friends by planning a game day in a friendly environment is the best thing to do! An interesting opportunity for all your golfer colleagues to compete, socialize and level up their golfing skills.

But are you falling short of friendly golf tournament ideas for your next event? Well, you need some tried-and-tested steps along with advanced golf equipment to swear by!

Give your long hours of practice sessions an exciting twist by planning a friendly golf tournament in style. Your next outing ought to involve your golfer friends putting displaying the best of their golfing shots and hits in a golf format that makes everyone in awe of your gaming skills.

Mixing game formats, designing interesting teams, random assigning of teams to the holes, and much more can be done!

Most importantly, a fair and fun golf tournament using the finest golf supplies is pretty much what every golf enthusiast wants. And, if you are managing it by setting up your own personal golf tournament with friends, you must follow certain guidelines and steps to make it worthy for every participant.


Here’s a compilation of 10 essential steps you must adopt to arrange a memorable friends golf tournament ideas, as under:

  1. Make the announcement loud and clear!

    A really good, clear, and well-informed announcement of your friendly golf tournament idea must be ready beforehand. This makes your participants excited, readily available and you can easily ensure that you book their dates well in advance. Timely notification to all members helps you put up a great show. 
  2. Decide your ‘Play Style’

    Pre-deciding your chosen style of play is important. For instance, you may decide upon stroke play which involves playing a fixed number of rounds by each player and then deciding the actual winner based on the overall score towards the end. Players take their own scores and include handicaps if any. This is done to adjust the scores on every hole.
  1. Try new golf formats:
- 1 Player Golf Formats: 

  • Worst Ball

This involves playing 2 balls but counting only the one with a higher score. 

  • Herman & Sherman

This format involves playing 2 holes with a draw on each shot, and 2 shots with a fade on each shot.

- 2 Player Golf Formats

Skip the classic format of ‘singles’ which is played off scratch or full handicap differences, and try out different formats such as:


This gold format involves assigning one 'skin' to every hole, and the winner gets the skin. In case, no player can win the hole, the skin gets carried forward to the next hole - assigning it 2 ‘skins’. 


Using a net or scratch basis, you can assign points for your score on every hole. For instance, you can award the player with 1 point for a bogey, 2 if it is at par, 3 points for the bride, and so on. Want to make the game more challenging? You can, in fact, eliminate the player if the shot is worse than even a bogey! 

  1. Consider Split Start - create a game of your own within the game

    Some friends' golf tournament ideas include half of the group starting on the first 9 holes, while the second half starting on the back 9 holes. This can be decided based on the number of final participants. Based on the size of your party, you can have half of your group start on the first 9 holes and the other half on the back 9 holes. Wondering how this is helpful? Such halving of the group will ensure the right schedule for your tournament and also, let every player tee off at each of the holes.
  1. Set elimination rules!

    Yes, that may not seem like an option in a friendly match. Nevertheless, you must zero out on certain rules for elimination for the match to end at some point. You can consider calculating the points of every player post a fixed number of holes for making the eliminations based on the totals.

    6. Show off your latest golfing supplies

    The best time to showcase your golf upper edge is a friendly golf tournament hosted by you. If you are really enthusiastic about this wonderful game, take time out to search for the most unique golf supplies and show them off in style. Thinking where to get your hands on the latest, high-quality golf supplies? Try out here:
  1. Go Social!

    Social media posting is the new trend all across! Even golf enthusiasts are attracted to online announcements about running matches, friendly tournaments, etc. Make sure you post your tournament scores, major hits and misses, and other interesting updates once your gold tournament is over.

So what are you waiting for? Create a list of your best golfer buds and get their competitive juices flowing with these epic friends' golf tournament ideas! Level up your friendly golf tournament ideas by experimenting with unique golf formats, game styles, and whatnots! And, most importantly, do not forget to go social!



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