How to Improve Your Mini Golf Game with these Tips!

Since its invention around 100 years back, mini golf has created millions of fans worldwide. The game not only works as a stress reliever but also creates a ground for spending quality time with loved ones. If you wish to get the most out of this game, it’s a must that you should strive to become good at it. 

And this is why in this article we’ll give you several mini-golf tips to improve your game. With consistent practice, you’ll surely become a pro in this game. But before beginning with the tips, let’s get to know some interesting facts and basics of mini-golf. So let’s dive right in!

Mini Golf: A game loved by many

Mini golf is known by several names such as mini-golf, goofy golf, miniature golf, among others. While traditional golf games are played in large fields, this can be played even in the backyard of the house. Several products and elements such as artificial putting surfaces, obstacles, and walls are used to replicate the experience of the parent game. 

The game has got international recognition and this is why it is played by many enthusiast golfers worldwide. In fact, it is governed by an international sports organization that goes by the name World Minigolf Sports Federation has 40,000 members worldwide. Several countries are members of this organization and regular sporting events are also organized worldwide. 

All these point out to the fact that Mini golf is an enjoyable game with tremendous professional opportunities too.

Tips for improving your mini golf 

As already mentioned in the beginning, improving your game would help in getting the best possible fun out of it. Also, it may provide you with the opportunity to play the game professionally at some point in time. 

And honestly, it isn’t that tough to master the science of this game. So let’s begin with the tips: 

  • Get a good quality putter

As while playing mini-golf, you would be essentially engaged in ‘putting’ or hitting the ball with a light stroke, it is essential that you get a golf club that is specially made for this purpose. Also, it is estimated that around 43% of strokes in the game consist of putting, which restates the importance of putting. 

We suggest you going for a good quality putter of decent height and weight so that it is easy to hold. It is said that a correctly-sized putter should reach your belt, and this should provide you an idea before you buy one. You can buy golf putters at Tacki-mac, as we have different varieties available with us such as Fiberglass putters, Plastic kiddie putters, among others. They are designed keeping in mind the requirements of different people. 

  • Learning the Layout of the course

You might have heard the saying ‘It’s important to know the enemy before fighting against them’. It could be applied in the game of mini-golf too. Though the golf course isn’t your enemy, it’s good to know the inside out of the course. Knowing where the bumps, obstacles, cracked edges, are would help you in devising a strategy and following it. 

In fact, even in games such as Cricket, players inspect the pitch before the match to know if the pitch would be favorable for the batsman or the bowlers and then they devise their strategy accordingly. 

  • Watching others shoot the ball and playing

“Intelligent people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from other’s”. This quote can also be applied in the context of mini golf game. What we mean is that you absorb valuable information from the shots taken by top players. You can learn about bounce strength, angles, speed, among other things just by observing your opponents and top players. 

Several YouTube videos demonstrate the proper way of putting which can also be beneficial for you. 

  • Checking your Ball speed

It is highly important to train oneself for hitting the ball with the right speed. We suggest you hit the ball hard every time, as it would make sure that the ball reaches as close as possible to the hole. Also in order to get precision, you must start hitting the ball from very close and as you start getting perfect shots, you must move a few foots away from the initial distance. You’ll end up getting an idea about the power needed to put in every shot based upon the distance from the hole.

  • Keep a record and Analyse

Just like we analyse our mistakes in life by relying on statistics, it’s helpful to record your performance in the game of mini-golf too. These would help you in keeping a track of the number of shots you took to put the ball in the hole, among other things. You can buy pencils and scorecards from Tacki-mac at an affordable price. 

  • Practise and Practise

While it may not seem like a tip, but it indeed is the most helpful among all. By practising mini golf regularly, you’ll develop muscle memory eventually. This would help you in trying the most tricky shots available out there without any issues. You’ll likely become a master in ‘putting skills’ and brings laurels to yourself. Over time, you’ll also improve your form and technique. 

Parting Notes

We hope you found these mini golf tips helpful. Here at Tacki-mac, we provide several mini golf-related products which would supplement your efforts in becoming good at this game. 

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