Lighten Your Load of These 8 Unnecessary Golf Bag Accessories

When you hit the greens, your golf bag is your whole world. Sometimes, though, carrying it around can make you feel like Atlas. Players tend to take their holders with them without checking what exactly is in there. As a result, it can feel burdensome to you or your caddy.

If you think that everything in your bag is a necessity, think again and check again. You might be carrying a variety of golf bag accessories that do little but add pounds to the container. The following list runs down several of the most common and least useful items that may be in your bag right now.

1 Irons

We recently talked about 1 irons in our attempt to answer the question, “ What is a putter? ” The answer we reached was, in part, “a far superior option to the 1 iron.” Both are functionally identical, but putters are much easier to use and their design is dedicated to putting.

1 irons claim the first spot on our list because they are already uncommon anyway. Most golf club sets have putters in place of this option. If you somehow have one in your bag, we can assure you that you do not need it. At this point in golf history, all it can do is add weight.

Dividers and Iron Covers

Golfers should strive to keep their equipment in tip-top shape for better performance and greater longevity. With that said, some people take this further than needed and get golf bag accessories that are ultimately pointless. Dividers are barrier constructs that separate the clubs within the bag. Iron covers are sleeves meant to protect club heads.

In theory, both tools sound useful. If the clubs clatter against each other in the bag, does that not cause damage? Well, hardly any more damage than striking the irons against the ground at many miles an hour, multiple times per session. Suddenly, they seem rather silly.

Extra Clothes

You know how it can be. Sometimes, you need to go straight from the fairway to another engagement with a classier dress code. Other times, the various hazards of swinging clubs in a field can leave your clothes damp and dirty. Keeping additional outfits in your golf bag can save you some time and effort.

What this practice will not do is save you some weight and space in your golf bag. A spare pair of shoes may not seem hefty in your hands, but they can combine with your other equipment to make your backache. Consider leaving your extra clothes in your car or another safe spot.

Rain Gear

Many players keep umbrellas, ponchos, special gloves, and other gear inside their golf bags just in case. We understand that decision perfectly well. Nobody wants to hit the green unprepared on a rainy day. With that said, is it truly wise to follow this practice, even when you can be sure of sunny weather?

When weight poses a serious problem for your golf bag, you must cut down on the contents you carry. Before you head out, check the weather forecast. If there is any anticipation of precipitation, take everything. If blues skies are likely to stay, feel free to leave your rain gear at home.

Cold-Weather Gear

The same principle applies to cold-weather gear. Playing 18 holes in chilly weather can be tough enough without layers of warm clothes. On days when the temperature is higher, you can safely stow your sweaters and scarves back at home.

That should all be obvious, so why even mention it? Let us retort with another question: when was the last time you inspected your golf bag? You may be surprised by how often golfers haul heavy holders just because they forgot to remove their winter wearables. When warmer weather returns, remember to put your gear away.

Old Food and Drink

Speaking of items that people frequently forget in their bags … Unfortunately, it is true. People do leave snacks in their golf bags, along with water bottles and alcoholic beverages. Do not be so quick to laugh. You just might have a couple of crushed granola bars and crumpled cans in your bag and not realize it.

This widespread phenomenon should stress the importance of keeping your golf bag not just light, but also clean. It would not hurt to remove everything, get rid of the trash, and wipe down the interior once in a while. Otherwise, it might get so gross that you need a new bag.

Anything Unrelated to Golf

Golf bags were not designed to hold food and drinks. They are not intended as storage for clothing, jackets, and ponchos. The purpose of a golf bag is to serve as a convenient container for golf gear. When trying to decide what to remove for a lighter load, you may want to start with anything unrelated to the task at hand.

We understand why people would want to carry non-golf items in their bags. To be honest, we do it too. With that said, when weight reduction is the goal, the first things to go should be obvious.

Too Much of Anything

The category of “golf bag accessories” only includes the unnecessary stuff in your container. You can only do so much to reduce the bag’s weight when you need to carry clubs, balls, and other essential equipment. We do not question the need for all that. What you should question is how much you need.

Players have been known to carry more than the 14 clubs considered standard for professional games. Additionally, people may overestimate how many golf balls they need and take a few dozen. One club or ball alone may feel light, but many can add up to a major problem.

Get Useful Golf Bag Accessories at Tackimac

By now, our points should be clear. Plenty of golf bag accessories are not necessary. Removing them from your bag, as well as any extraneous items can make it easier to tote across the fairway.

If you want to fill your bag with essentials, you can find high-quality golf grips and supplies here at Tackimac. Check out our selection of useful equipment and get what you need right here.