Mini Golf- What has Changed and Why It’s Still Fun

From the Euro Championship to Tokyo Olympics, every major sporting event has been canceled due to the pandemic. Even golf enthusiasts are taking a break from their sport which is highly affecting their game.

However, mini-golf is being played and enjoyed by people of all ages even in this situation. This is due to the major changes that the game has undergone. Several people are still unaware of the changes and are missing out on mini-golf fun. So ahead, we’ll discuss the alterations that have taken place in the game and tell you why this mini golf is still fun.

But first, let’s know about the origin of this game. So let’s get started.

How Mini Golf Originated?

  • The history of the origin of this game is quite interesting and its origin can be traced back to 1872 in Scotland. It was created for women golfers. Back then, golf was considered a manly game and unlike today, ladies were not allowed to play golf in Scotland.
  • To help ladies enjoy the game of golf, the Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews built the first-ever mini-golf course in Scotland. The design of the first mini-golf course was quite simple. The course was devoid of any kind of obstacle.
  • With the advancement of technology, an upgraded version of the existing mini-golf was invented and it was called glow in the dark mini-golf. It was a result of the modification that people demanded in traditional mini-golf. The course was made more interesting with the use of technology and better obstacles.

How the Game Of Mini Golf Changed due to the Pandemic?

  • Infusion of immersive environments or technology:

Since its invention, the game of mini golf hasn’t undergone many changes. The objective remains the same i.e., get the ball to the hole in the least amount of hits possible. You still have the rock formations, tunnels, and different challenges.

What has changed is the environment surrounding the mini-golf course. The use of science made the environment of the course fully-immersive which takes players to a whole new world of adventure. 

Due to covid-19, the game is more shifted indoors. Many glow in the dark mini-golf courses are made to give the players more thrill than outdoor golf. Moreover, the themed environment appeals to teenagers who tend to use the background for the perfect social media selfies.

  • Proper social distancing:

Due to pandemics, people are lying more and more emphasis on cleaning, physical distancing, and sanitizing. But even in these circumstances, mini-golf is performing well and is still one of the attractions.

At any point, you can have a few different groups playing your course by keeping enough distance from each other. This is a great aid in counteracting capacity restrictions.

Once the patrons have finished playing a few rounds, the pieces of equipment like balls and putters are cleaned and sanitized properly to make them safe for the next round.

  • It has become quite common where people are bringing their own equipment to the course to avoid touching used equipment. It is always better to stay on the safe side and in case you’re also looking forward to buying some of your own equipment then you should go for Tackimac’s regular cut-proof balls. These balls are available in a variety of colors including black, pink, purple, green, and many more. 
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This is a great game that doesn't have to be reserved for elites only. Apart from its advantage in the outbreak of the virus, mini-golf is more fun than regular golf in many other ways too. We'll tell you some reasons in the following section as to why this game is still fun and is great at making the player feel like a champ.

Why is Mini Golf Fun?

  • Healthy activity for a first date:

What’s better than asking your newly made girlfriend to play a few rounds of mini-golf. It is a fun way of knowing your partner better while engaging in a healthy activity.

This idea will also prevent you from paying extravagant restaurant bills. You'll save a good amount of money while playing mini-golf as the price of one round is approximately only 5$.

  • Can be played with family:

This is something fun that brings the family together in a time when families are becoming less cohesive. Playing some exciting rounds of mini golf with family can sure make bonds stronger.

  • Can be played indoors:

It’s the best option when you’re having an urge to play golf but the weather isn’t allowing you to do so. Mini golf can be played indoors anytime in any weather.

  • Makes you socially active:

It is way more fun playing with a good number of people than playing with few eccentric elites. Mini golf provides you an amazing opportunity to spend time with your friends even in this pandemic situation. By following proper social distancing rules, you’ll be able to enjoy the game like you used to do before. This doesn’t happen in the case of any other game.

Where to Buy Your Mini Golf Equipment?

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