Showing your kids how to play mini golf

Mini golf has cast its spell on people of all ages. From serving as a perfect family outing to being an apt activity for the first date, its emergence as a popular choice is quite evident. 

As you’ve already planned to take your kids to a mini-golf course, you must teach them the fundamentals of the game. Ahead, we’ve charted out a step-by-step process you could follow to do the same. So let’s learn more about mini golf for kids.

Why mini golf is a perfect activity for kids

The present generation is surrounded by gizmos and tech equipment the whole day. This overindulgence from an early age affects their attention span and also contributes to lower-than-normal physical development. This is why children must be regularly taken out of the house to play sports or at least involve in activities that move some muscles. 

Mini golf is the perfect choice in such scenarios as it doesn’t overwhelm the body but provides the necessary physical mobility. The game is especially safe for kids as no chance of getting hurt exists. It is generally played at mom and pop operation or large amusement complexes where proper safety arrangement exists. 

Having given the necessary background, let’s discuss the ways you can teach your kids how to play this game. 

Teaching kids how to play mini-golf

  • Introduce them to the basic first

Chances are, they have already seen golf on the TV. This is where it becomes important to make them aware of the distinction between the two games. Before taking them to the course show them a video of mini golf so they can understand how it differs from the popular golf game. This would set their expectation in the right way.

  • Introduce them to the basic components

There are several components involved in this game. First of all, inform them about the putter. This may be available at the mini-golf avenue or you could buy it online. They are available in several types such as brushed chrome putter, rubber shape, urethane putter, and so on. 

Next are the golf balls. We suggest choosing different balls for different kids to avoid confusion at the time of playing the game. Again, they may be available at the venue but if you plan to go there regularly, it’s better to buy a high-quality ball of your own. At TackiMac Grips we bring to you different types of balls such as regular cut-proof balls, novelty balls, and so on.

Novelty balls

  • Set the ground rules for everyone

It’s important to set the essential boundaries for children. Telling them what NOT to do could be more effective than setting positive rules. Some rules you could make are-

  • You would not hit the ball unless asked to do so.
  • The adults would decide the order everyone would hit the ball in.
  • When someone else is playing their chance giving them the required space is essential. So you should stand 5-10 feet away from the player.
  • No unnecessary swinging of the club or putter as it may hurt somebody.

Setting such rules would help in avoiding any fights, and injuries between kids. This would also lead to a peaceful experience for everyone involved. 

  • The correct stance while hitting a ball

Kids need to learn the basics of the game as it would indeed make their experience much better. Many kids aren’t aware of the stance they need to maintain. You can demonstrate that a ‘triangle’ needs to be made between the balls and the two feet. This visualization would help them in hitting the balls correctly and enjoying the experience.

  • Not making a full swing to hit the ball

It’s tempting for even adults to hit the ball with a full swing like it’s done in a regular golf course. Informing the kids beforehand about not hitting the ball with a full swing is essential otherwise the ball may get lost. Many golf course owners also charge a penalty for such issues. 

You could avoid such situations by teaching them about ‘putting stroke’ for hitting the ball. This would ensure the ball gets into the hole and the game gets finished in an appropriate time. 

  • Appoint a scorekeeper

If they are below 5 years of age, there’s no real need of letting them know about scorecards. But with older kids, you can get a scorecard to instill a healthy competitive spirit with the game. It has twin advantages, first is they would focus more on the quality of their game, and second, it would help them prepare for a regular golf game if they wish to step up in the future. 

  • Refreshment breaks

Setting proper refreshment breaks helps in recharging the body and giving cent percent performance in the game. While many venues allow taking food to the golf course, it’s better to ask the owners beforehand. 

You can also ask them if they have an outlet for buying food and beverages or not. Also, don’t forget to carry a water bottle as the game requires one to do considerable physical activities. 

  • Take sunscreen with you

Ask the kids to apply sunscreen in case you are going out on a sunny day. As mentioned earlier, the exposure to the sun is quite long while playing mini-golf just like a regular golf game. This is why it’s better to protect yourself!

Buying the best mini golf supply

We hope the above-mentioned points assist you in teaching the essentials of mini golf for kids. Now if you wish to buy high-quality golf equipment such as glow-in-the-dark balls, course accessories, and so on, head to our store TackiMac

We look forward to serving you. Have a great experience with the kids!