Social distancing activities for kids for engagement and fun

Social distancing is the new normal now, all due to the spread of COVID19. But kids still haven’t gotten accustomed to this new normal. Keep aside, adults. Parents and teachers are continuously trying to engage kids in the most fun and energizing way to not let these times affect their mental and physical health. They are also trying to not hamper their social engagement amidst keeping them safe. Engaging in social distancing activities for kids is one such task you as parents and teachers can go around with to enjoy this summertime the best.

But as per CDC issued guidelines, social distancing activities for kids ought to be undertaken only after keeping the below points in mind:

  1. For kids under 16, who are not eligible for vaccination yet, need to adhere to social distancing and masking. While fully vaccinated kids can hang out without masks alone, with household members, or to small gatherings with fully vaccinated people.
  1. Unvaccinated kids can stay and hang out with vaccinated relatives and friends as long as they’re not prone to a risk of any major illness from COVID19.
  1. Families having both vaccinated and unvaccinated members need to stay in separate accommodations if vacationing out.

If you’re all set to follow the above-mentioned guidelines, then below summertime activities will only experience cheers and laughter!

  1. Backyard BBQ kids party

What better than organizing a backyard BBQ party for your kids, their neighborhood friends, and cousins? Get their favorite songs playing, some board games, and their favorite food, all in one.

Make socially distanced arrangements with separate tables for kids of each family and sanitizers spread across the backyard.

  1. Scavenger hunt

One of the most entertaining social distancing activities for kids is a scavenger hunt. There are multiple variations that you can adapt to the usual scavenger hunt to make it exciting for the kids.

Either ask them to pick out things from inside the house having a color of the rainbow or a list of things to find out in the neighborhood like plants, flowers, ricks, etc.

Note: You can choose to either do it with your kids only or a bunch of kids split into groups and led by an adult to adhere to social distancing.

  1. Virtual movie night

What better than a virtual or private movie night with some popcorn, soda, shakes, and an engaging movie outdoors? Seek to rent private theatres, if possible, or go for socially distanced movie nights at home with a host of other people joining you in-person, rest virtually.

Sounds fun, right?

  1. Outdoor mini golf

Who doesn’t love some private golf? Organizing your golfing sessions with your kids and their private plastic kiddie putters is another one of the best social distancing activities for kids. Get them from here.

One of the best variations to the usual game of golf is kickball or footgolf, a culmination of both football and soccer. Kids can either kick the ball to one another or just kick the ball to a hole/net.

  1. Twizzle

Yet another socially distanced activity for the kids, the game involves children standing at least 6 feet apart in a circle facing in one direction. Each kid can say one of the four commands to any other kid based on which the other kid has to do the associated task:

  • Go, walk in the direction you’re facing
  • Stop, freeze for a minute
  • Turn, do a half-turn, and freeze for a minute
  • Twizzle, do a complete turn and freeze for a minute

Failing to do the required action, do five sit-ups and join the game again!

  1. Freeze, dance, freeze

Kids love dancing. Get your sound system in the backyard or neighborhood park. Gather your kids with their friends and/or cousins. Be the in-charge of playing a song.

Ask all the kids to dance their crazy selves when the song is playing and freeze when it stops. Do this till the time they’re tired. If anyone moves during the freezing period, then either they’ll need to leave the game and sit or do some dare as suggested by other kids.

What say?

  1. Camping in the day or night

As mentioned in the beginning, vaccinated kids can be around other people without masks and even unvaccinated can be safe around their vaccinated family members and relatives.

So, camping either during the day or the night is something you as a family can organize. But if there are multiple families in the camp, then try going for different accommodations to be safe but still enjoy the most!

  1. Hula hoops

The perfect aerobic activity to keep kids active, engaged, laughing out loud, experiment with something new, and also a 6 feet distance from each other.

Encourage them to do different kinds of small activities while hula hooping like walking, doing some hand motions, balancing a book on their head, etc.

It is great for their emotional well-being as well.

  1. Lemon on the spoon

Lastly, one of the most widely popular activities: lemon on the spoon race. The kids have to balance a lemon on their spoon, which they’ll be holding in their mouth, and then walk.

Whoever wins gets a surprise gift!

So, you see that social distancing activities for kids can be fun filling, required you engage with them and try to educate them more about the situation. Rest, indulge in some private golf sessions with your putters, grips, and shafts from tacki-mac.

Also, keep in mind that these activities are not just for their safety, but their overall health and well-being as well. Don’t let this situation hamper their childhood in any negative way. Use this time well to bond with your kids, gel with them, and teach them loads of life lessons besides making some pleasant memories to look back to in the future.