Tips and tricks for a proper golf club grip

Golf is one of the most popular sports played during leisure. It is considered a game of class. It is also sentiment for many as it fulfills a lot of role in people’s lives; along with being an enjoyable sport, Golf is also a source of exercise since it involves a lot of walking which in turn benefits the heart and legs. 

Golf Club and Ball are essentials required for this sport. 

What is a Golf club? It refers to the metal or wooden head used to hit the ball. It is very important to have a proper golf grip to hit the ball correctly. 

Here are few tips to properly grip your golf club:

  • Trial and Error:

Before you get all technical about learning how to grip your golf club, you need to think about how you are going to grip it if you do not get help or assistance.

This is a very vital step though it may seem like a small one. Knowing about your own style and accepting that it might not be the best or perfect is very important for learning. If you are not a seasoned pro player or an amateur with lots of experience, there is a chance that your grip needs to be coached a little. 

The important questions to ask yourself while analyzing your proper golf grip are How do you hold your Golf Club? What positions are your fingers in? Are you comfortable? Are you confident of hitting a great shot? Once you know these answers, you are all ready to learn.

  • Your Perfect Grip Size:

Always remember that one club size does not suit everybody. Different size grips are available according to requirements. You need to choose the one that suits you the best. 

If even after adapting your hold, you still tend to lose your grip mid-swing or there is constant slicing or pulling, it is time to consider a different size for your club. 

If you have a small hand with short fingers, a smaller grip size is advised whereas you will need a slightly larger size if you have bigger hands to ensure proper golf grip.

  • How to position your hands:

Knowing how to position your hand while holding the club is very essential. It will determine whether or not the shot will be great.

You should always pick it up with your weaker hand (left hand if your right hand is dominant and vice versa). Turn your hand over so that you can see the two knuckles of your left hand and point to the “V” shape that your index finger and thumb have created.

Your left thumb should point down the right-hand side of the shaft. Now take your right hand and grip the club, with your right thumb sitting on top of your left thumb. Make sure your right thumb sits on the left side of the club facing downwards.

These all might seem a little complicated but there are trainers available to assist you in the proper positioning of your hand.

  • Appropriate Pressure:

It is important to apply an appropriate amount of pressure while grasping the club. You have to compromise on how hard you want your grasp to be.

If you grasp too hard and too firmly, it will eventually cause your arm muscle to tighten up resulting in pain. Similarly, if you grasp it too softly, there is a chance that you will lose your grip mid-swing. Either of the two will not give you satisfaction while playing.

You should grasp your club softly but firmly so that your forearm muscle can relax and at the same time you have a good grip. You can also shake off the tension in the wrist and arm by wagging the club a little.

  • Overlapping vs Interlocking:

The most commonly known method of linking your fingers is called the “The Vardon Grip” or “The Overlapping Grip”.

In the overlapping grip method, your hands are joined together by placing the right pinky finger between the middle and the index finger of the left hand.

In Interlocking, the golfers link both their hands together by linking their fingers. The interlocking method helps in providing better wrist movement and better grip.

It is important to find out which method of holding the club suits you so that you can hit a great shot.

  • Neutral Grip:

The techniques discussed over here are often described as the neutral grip. It is easier to learn how to have a proper golf grip while you are new and learning. It is the most common technique.

How you grip your golf club using this technique will determine the strength of your grip. While you rotate your left hand, if two or more knuckles are visible, it means your grip is strong.

If and when you rotate your left hand in the counterclockwise direction and no knuckles are visible, it is called a ‘soft grip; and it opens up the clubface.

Once you are confident and a pro at golf, there are two more alternate techniques that you can learn, which will level up your game. It is very important to learn and master the basics of the sport and how to grip the golf club properly before advancing on the new techniques. 

However, it should be noted that all players do not follow the rulebook and follow their own instinct. You can experiment with your grip as soon as you become confident and proficient.

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