Top 3 items to imprint for Company Golf Outings

Are you a golf enthusiast? Or, are you planning to take your team for a golf outing? Well, it’s a great recreational activity for team members, and companies spend a huge amount of money on buying golf equipment or accessories - Be it golf bags, t-shirts, golf balls, towels to clubs. 

But have you ever given a thought to a company's marketing campaign through imprinted logos or messages on golf accessories? In simple words, if you are looking to spread the word about your organization, imprinting a logo on golf gear is one of the best brand promotional activities, keeping your brand in front of the target audience while building brand awareness. 

We all know the game of golf is becoming so popular these days. As a result, promotional golf accessories or products prove to be effective in terms of marketing purposes. So, when you provide customized or logo imprinted golf products during the game, either you, your team members, or the target demographic will easily connect with your brand every time you use the products.

Here is a list of golf products you can use for marketing campaigns and promotional stuff. 

  1. Golf Balls

During the game, it happens many times that we tend to lose golf balls or they get misplaced. Tacki Mac provides golf enthusiasts with an opportunity to play with high-quality golf balls along with an incredible miniature logo imprinted on them. The golf balls are durable and you can rely on them. Moreover, the best part is you can promote your brand/business with a logo imprinted on the ball, and we all know the logo advantages – Top of the mind recall (TOMR). 

  1. Golf Tees 

If you want to hit it off with your audience, you can go for promotional golf tees with a logo printed on them with a message. We all are aware of the logo advantages and how a brand benefits from their ‘logo.’ For brand awareness purposes, you can provide promotional golf tees among your team members or the audience itself so that they are exposed to your brand every time they see it. 

  1. Golf Divot

How about golf divot tools with a logo imprinted on them? Whether you are planning an outing or just a promotional activity, customized divot tools with your company name offer free exposure to your audience. Free brand exposure is always a great idea when you step up for brand promotions and awareness activities. Tacki Mac is a one-stop solution for all your golf gear needs. Check out their website for detailed insights about their golf accessories and how they make them customized for your brand/organization. 

Other than these, you can go for golf umbrellas, golf towels, hex pencils, ball markers, etc. with the company’s name for promotional stuff during golf outings. 

How to customize your Golf accessories for an outing? 

  1. Logo with a Message 

The first step towards customizing the golf accessories is that you have to ensure your logo resonates with your target audience and understand your business in one go. Once you have finalized the logo & logo placement, you have to make sure that there’s a small message imprinted on it. Be it a 2 to 3 words company tagline or just a symbolic representation of your brand, anything would go! You can try this on golf balls for a lasting impact! 

  1. Awe-Inspiring Logo 

As you are planning for a golf outing with your team members, and don’t want to lose this opportunity to make it a campaign, right? Well, make sure you do with customized golf accessories and other stuff required on the field.

Go for your logo but in a minimalistic style, but it should be awe-inspiring for your target audience. If you prefer to imprint your logo on golf balls, golf umbrellas, golf divots, or other products, it must be appealing and grab the attention of the audience at first glance. 

  1. Creativity & Innovation 

You cannot lose on the creativity and innovation part when it comes to marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Nowadays, everyone prefers a brand that provides innovation along with creativity in their company’s products. 

So, if you are looking to promote your business or brand through golf accessories make sure the logo, the message, and everything you imprint on the golf gear must be innovative and creative. It should attract the target demographic. 


Golf outings are not just recreational activities for companies, but it’s fun and social gathering place for having a good banter session while playing their favorite sport. Thus, it is an ideal opportunity for companies to promote their brand. 

If you are looking for ways to promote your brand among your employees, clients, and target audience, you must plan a golf outing super soon along with customized golf accessories for the golf enthusiasts. Moreover, you can promote your brand through free giveaways of golf accessories and basic golf apparel, which is another great way of grabbing the attention of the audience. 

There are tons of options available for golf promotions. Just make sure you don’t compromise on the quality standards. You will find many alternatives in the market for customized golf imprint items, but Taci Mac can be your one-stop shop for all your golf equipment needs. 

They have an incredible collection of golf accessories from which you can choose and get them customized hassle-free. They go beyond satisfying their customers, be it in quality, pricing, or services.